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As a digital modern office, we want to make your visit easy - from online booking to modern digital services -  we want to be efficient with your time. When you book your complimentary new patient exam online, we will send you your digital new patient forms to fill out. Filling them out before you arrive can streamline your visit, as they allow us to get to know you before your visit while saving you time and enhancing your experience.

Flexible Financing Options

At Solana Orthodontics, we consider you part of our family and promise to help you through every step of your orthodontic journey. This is why Dr. Sandra presents you with different payment options to make your orthodontic treatment convenient and fit your budget.

Preferred patient interest-free financing: We can customize a payment plan that can work for your family’s budget.

In-office, no-interest pick-a-payment options: Extend monthly payments and reduce down payments.

HSA/FSA: Spend from your Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account.

Paid-In-Full Discount: Get a discount when you pay the full amount on the front end.

Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards.

We can also set up automated monthly payment options to make it more convenient for your busy schedule.

 Free Consultations & Special Offers

Start your orthodontic journey out with confidence, and schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you discover your ideal smile. Plus, once your treatment plan has been decided upon, you may be eligible for some additional perks and special offers!

$1000 Off New Starts

Choosing orthodontic treatment can be a big decision. We’re here to make that choice a little easier with discounted new starts.

Free Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes make taking care of your oral health a breeze during your orthodontic treatment.

Free Teeth Whitening

Once your orthodontic care is complete, treat yourself to complimentary teeth whitening, so your new smile really shines.

Insurance Made Simple

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits and file your claims. In fact, we’ll file major dental insurance claims on your behalf and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Contact us with any questions or if you would like more information.

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-Dr. Sandra

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